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PACK EXPO Las Vegas Powers Innovation in Meat, Poultry and Seafood Packaging

Today’s high-protein diet trends should be a boon for your industry, so long as you’re equipped to meet consumer demand. That’s why attending PACK EXPO Las Vegas is critical.

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Meat, poultry and seafood packagers should look for:

  • New safety-enhancing systems such as code-scanning and X-ray detection.
  • Variably sized and shaped compartments, trays, single-serve packages, pouches and more—in the Containers and Materials Pavilion.
  • Oxygen-blocking laminates, sealants and other technologies for enhancing shelf life.

Digital packaging solutions that make high-end looks, customization and smaller runs more feasible—in the new PACKage Printing Pavilion.

Meet Demands

Whether your focus is on fresh, frozen or shelf-stable products, the solutions you’ll find at PACK EXPO Las Vegas are critical to your quest to:

  • Answer increasing consumer demands for healthier, less-processed and on-the-go products
  • Give your products farm-fresh, just-caught, wholesome look
  • Comply with regulatory mandates
  • Exceed food safety guidelines and avert recalls



Meat/Poultry/Seafood Industry News

Fresh meat packaging market offers opportunities

Beef is down, ready-to-eat chicken and fresh seafood sales are up, and vacuum skin packaging grows in popularity according to a new report on the global fresh meat packaging market.



Ensuring safety in online (and fresh) food service

What if you ordered dinner from an online delivery service and the delivery person decided to sample your food before reclosing the container and handing it you for your consumption? Not anymore.



Fresh tuna on the go

A well-known tuna brand has begun the national roll-out of a resealable, single-serve recyclable cup of wild-caught tuna with a built-in fork perfect for a convenient meal or snack.



Chicken rides resurgent QR trend

In a competitive poultry category, one farm uses QR technology to give consumers the information they want, plus added benefits, right at the point of purchase.



Confronting ‘confinement odor’ in chicken packs

A blown film debuts that can be used for vacuum packaging of fresh, refrigerated poultry.




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